Wired Network Security

Wired networks may be more secure than wireless networks, but setting up a wired network without certain precautions can be extremely dangerous as well. Keep reading to learn more about these important preventive measures.

The first common mistake is hooking up your computer directly to a modem in order to access the internet. Modems have no strong security features, and in essence hook you up directly to the thousands of computers that make up the internet, without a strong wall to hide behind. This makes it easier for hackers with criminal intentions to compromise your network, and install various kinds of malware on your computer.

Once you have connected your computer to the internet via a router, you can then set up NAT, or Network Address Translation. Setting up NAT on your router creates a firewall between your home network and the rest of the Internet, making it harder for intruders to harm your computers.  Nat makes sure that computers outside your home network cannot connect to your computer, unless you have initiated this. NAT allows you to access the internet, but outsiders cannot latch on to your network and access computers connected to it. This is an extremely vital setup in order to keep out hackers and their malware from infecting your computer.

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