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The United States Postal service just announced in a press statement that some of their information systems have been breached. The stolen information includes Social Security numbers, addresses, names, date of birth, employment details, and other such identifying information for over 800,000 employees. The attack is believed to have been a product of Chinese Government hackers, to whom a major government service such as the USPS would be a prime target.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe stated that they “have seen no evidence of malicious use of the compromised data and we are taking steps to help our employees protect against any potential misuse of their data.”

Additionally, The USPS states that the consumer facing transaction products have not been affected by the breach. However, their call center data has been affected, with phone numbers, email addresses, and any other information consumers provided at the time of the call being stolen.

According to their press statement, consumers are at no risk and do not need to take any action as a result of the breach.

The breach is being investigated by the FBI, Department of Justice, and also third party private sector specialists. The FBI is leading the investigation.

Original press release:

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